2011 saw the most number of slim laptops from several companies. Asus announced its ultra-slim notebook called Asus Zenbook UX31. Toshiba announced the thinnest in the market yet, called Toshiba Protégé. Many other companies have their products in the pipeline.

However, Intel is expected to revolutionize the category with a new processor, designated just for the ultra-thin notebooks.

In other news, according to a latest research, Intel is anticipated to start the 2012 calendar year on a happy note. Though is might not see a substantial success at The Street due to the dearth of new products in the market, but after show, if Intel announces
a series of new chips, it is expected to grow in the stock market.

The company will go with its current products until the first half of 2012, maybe announce some new products on the way, but the line of processors shown in the CES 2012 will become a part of the finished products most likely in the latter half of the year.

Moreover, Motorola, Samsung  and HTC are expected to come up with some new products. Not to mention, Sony Ericsson and Nokia are looking at this event as an opportunity for a comeback.