Poor or pure lazy?

Poor people are often heard complaining about how they have been dealt a hard hand by God. They believe that they are entitled to the same pleasures of life that rich people get to enjoy. They never get tired of narrating their seemingly never-ending
tales of tragedy and misfortune. Allegedly, fate is against them and has filled their lives with nothing but darkness that is meant to last until eternity. Unaware of the very concept of optimism, they simply sit and await the worst to befall them, anticipating everything in
their life to get only more complicated and push them to a point where they start taking suicide into consideration to bring the torment to an end once and for all.

Regardless of what they seem to think, it would not be wrong to say that nearly all of their tribulations originate from one source, their own laziness.

Poor people are poor mainly because of their attitude towards work. Anyone who is unwilling to work hard and sacrifice his comfort to earn a decent livelihood has absolutely no right to sit and complain about how “bad” life is turning out to be for him.

No matter how many excuses a person makes and for how long he gets away with his cunning antics, he eventually has to pay for it. Nobody can earn anything without breaking a sweat and pushing himself harder.

One of the most common examples of poor people that we come across in our daily life is our maid. She is desperately in need of a job as her husband, who is most likely a lazy drunk complaining psychopath, expects her to hand him a huge stash of money at the end of every month, or else face his wrath.

Despite find herself in desperate circumstances, the maid never ceases to complain about the work that she is paid to do and constantly makes comparisons between the house that she is currently working in and other houses. She even goes as far as stealing stuff from the very house that is a source of her bread and butter with the intention of making quick and easy money.

It is not only the maids who are famous for their laziness. Drivers and other poor people remain under-privileged because they are not willing to make an extra effort to improve their standard of living. They want money to grow on trees, willing to do nothing more than simply going outside and plucking it off them.

Beggars and kitchen boys are yet another example of lazy people who are dreaming of getting rich, yet they do not work hard enough for it. Beggars simply stoop down to the level where they have to move nothing more than their mouth to earn money, while the kitchen boys neglect their responsibility while being quite aware of the dire consequences..

Rather than falling sorry for the poor people, one cannot help feel annoyed with what these people are doing to themselves. The, like everyone else, have an opportunity to make their life better and earn piles of money by simply letting go of their lazy attitude.