Pakistan’s diplomatic policy and the corrupt policy makers

Diplomatic policy always carries paramount importance in the progress of a country and earns it a respectable position in the world. It plays a vital role in maintaining a good relationship with all countries on the planet.

The basic principle of a diplomatic policy is to safeguard the national interest first and act accordingly. But Pakistan’s diplomatic policy is being manipulated by the corrupt leaders of this country and as a result its image is going down in the world.

The Diplomatic relations are generally based on equality and mutual understanding. National interest comes first and rest of the affair hold secondary status, no matter how much important their nature is.

But, Pakistan’s diplomatic policies are required to be reviewed on immediate basis as the corrupt rulers are going against the interest of the country and nation. The incompetent leaders are trying their best to collect as much wealth as possible even at
the cost of the country.

The diplomatic policy of Pakistan is being designed only to support the personal interest of the leaders. In the name of progress, these so-called leaders are selling this country by bit and bit. If this trend continues, the time will not be far away when
Pakistan will have no other choice but to depend on others.

While compiling the diplomatic policy, the major thing which should be given sole importance is the interest of the nation. Every policy should revolve around this pivotal point and if the policy makers put aside their personal gains for the best interest
of the nation, the country will get back on the right track of progress.

The policy makers of all advanced countries always stick to their national interest and design their diplomatic policy which is compatible to the interest of their country.

But, unfortunately, the policy makers in Pakistan are highly incompetent and corrupt and always try to create such policies which are not in the best interest of the nation.

If the policy makers of Pakistan start making diplomatic policies with a sense of responsibility, then this country can retain its lost pride within no time and it will be recognised one of the most civilised nations in the world.