Pervez Musharraf should worry about himself rather about Israel

Former president, General (Retd) Pervez Musharraf, who favored the recognition of Israel, should not worry about her rather more about himself. His demand shows that he had no concerns with desires of the Pakistanis.

The former military dictator, who ruled the country for nine years, did not take this action in his regime. Even he was the first leader who participated in a ceremony organized by World Jewish Congress (WJC).

It is unclear that either he was afraid of Pakistani people or he realized the unprincipled nature of the move. While interviewing to Haaretz, an Israeli daily, he spoke in the favor of recognition to Israel, terming it adjuvant step for Pakistan.

Although his remarks will have gone down well with US lobbies, it was quite insulting for the Palestinian citizens.

At the same time, this view would please the Israeli audience because a former leader of one of the largest Muslim countries spoke about their recognition. Apparently, his remarks show that he has same viewpoint as he was in the past.

These remarks will further decline the image of the former dictatorial president in the country. According to the reports, he is making a comeback in the country by the end of January 2012.

He was out of the country for last three years because he fears that he will be apprehended on his arrival. The former military chief is proclaimed offender in cases which include the murder of Benazir Bhutto and Nawab Akbar Bugti.

Although legal aides of Musharraf filed applications to the courts, the FIA (Federal Investigative Agency) Prosecutor of the Benazir Bhutto case clarified that he would be held on arrival.

He is thinking about participating in the upcoming elections but he should reconsider his comeback. He would have observed the garner support of Imran Khan’s PTI which he was seeking for his party.

Upon his arrival, if he is liable to be handcuffed, he may not able to contest the next general polls.

Although Pakistan will become a laughingstock in case of his arrestment, he will be the real sufferer. General Pervez Musharraf, if he really wants to contest elections, should care the feelings of Pakistani people.


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  1. As expected another onesided and hostile article towards mr musharraf Do you really think israel cares or gives a hoot wegher pakistanis recognise israel or not! Also our holy koran recognises israel as a homeland for the jews so who are to object to its existence? Furthermore what is more important that we respect the rights of all faiths and hold meaningfull dialogue with israel to pressurise them to respect palestinian rights to a independant homeland. We will never realise this by burning flags and tyres in islamabad.

  2. Please do not risk your life by coming back. These corrupt politicians will use every opportunity to harm you. Many educated people and particularly students in Pakistan love you and support you but this is not the time to come back. Its a pity that a soldier fights 2 major wars for the country, belongs to the most prestigious branch of Pakistan Army and still gets threats for bad treatment upon arrival. Please do not come back

  3. Mr Akhter thanks for your feedback. This article was written based on the ground realities, particularly considering the verdicts of the courts. We do not have any personal grudge with any politician. Secondly, Pakistan has a moral stance about Israel. He ruled nine years but he didn’t recognize it. On December 2005, he stated “Pakistan has no plans to recognise Israel and will continue its support to Palestinians till the establishment of an independent Palestinian state”. Thanks

  4. Dear mr akhter

    donot quote quran on your erroneous knowledge. Quran doesnt recognizes israel, And Allah has clearly in quran ordained them from establishing the state. Thats the reason true jews went into diaspora and are not in favor of state of israel. since creation of israel is itself a defiance of Allah’s commandment to them to come back in the land of israel.

    Please correct your self before you feel confident enough to start spraying your thoughts up anywhere you want to feel like.