First winter rain hit most parts of Punjab and upper Sindh last week and an immediate decline in the prices of farm products was observed in most parts of the province. However, the increasing winter cold has pushed up the prices
of poultry products significantly since the last week.

Drastically low temperature all over the country (especially the Northern Areas and federal capital) have gushed the demand of eggs and chicken to a great deal, causing a rise in the prices of poultry products. A huge market of
eggs and chicken is operating throughout the country and sudden rise in the demand of products has made it difficult for the suppliers to meet.

Chilling cold weather induces people to use boiled eggs and make chicken soups to have delight in cold. Such trend throughout the country increases the demand of poultry products, despite the fact that the process of egg production
is slower down in winter season.

“People establish soup stalls and we see young boys selling boiled eggs at various places mainly at the bus stands and tourist areas and all this actually double the demand for the eggs,” Dr Muhammad Aslam, Chairman Pakistan Poultry
Association, said and added: “The main problem is that the egg production drops in cold weather.”

Farm eggs in the country are sold at the rated of Rs. 116 per dozen at present, which is the highest price level of the last year. Despite of higher prices, the domestic along with the commercial demand for the poultry products
is still on a roll. The suppliers are facing problems to maintain stocks against the ever increasing demand of eggs and chicken but they hope that the situation will get better if further rains continue with sufficient intervals.