Next Smartphone will not have Ericsson effect – Sony (Part-II)

12MP camera

One of the big bets with this phone is Sony’s image, as it had advanced in a photograph posted on Facebook (where you could barely see a few buttons and the camera lens). Xperia S 12MP camera incorporates a technology that uses
Sony to make more quick photos in just 1.5 seconds from sleep mode. It also has features like 3D panoramic sweep and face detection.

Now it seems easier to share files between different types of devices. The new Xperia S makes it easy connectivity to multiple displays for customers looking to share and run files on the screen that best suits one’s situation,
is a television, Smartphone, laptop or tablet. Consumers can view their content from the Sony Entertainment Network to connect your Xperia S via HMDI to the TV or share pictures wirelessly with a single touch. Xperia S is also trained to NFC (near field communication)
that allows sharing of content between users and enjoys a greater number of applications. They also have access to entertainment experiences Sony Entertainment Network. Music Unlimited offers a comprehensive catalogue of more than 12 million unique songs,
while Video Unlimited has the latest Hollywood blockbusters and TV shows from all the major studios.

Xperia S also has the PlayStation certificate, which guarantees a Smartphone gaming experience high quality and access to the PlayStation Store. Finally, it has a smart new range of accessories that complement the experience
that you can live through this next-generation mobile phone. Xperia S will be available to consumers around the world from the first quarter of 2012. Xperia S will launch on the Android platform 2.3 (Gingerbread) and will be updated to Android 4.0 (Ice Cream
Sandwich) during the second quarter of 2012.