U.S President Barrack Obama has taken the decision to reduce American military expenditure to make the country into a more “leaner military power”. America which has been involved in two full scale wars in the last ten years of
the new millennium in Iraq and Afghanistan has now taken a step in the other direction with the recent decision to track back on military expenditure.

 Obama’s decision will mean that U.S military will lose up to half a million military troops and the military will focus action on counter terrorism and also on the threat posed by China in Asia. The President termed his decision
as a “turning the page on the decade of war” towards “a moment of transition”. He termed the new face of U.S military as “agile, flexible and ready for the full range of contingencies and threats”

U.S strategy also includes a plan to drawback 80,000 military troops in Europe which might install further instability in Europe where nations have refrained from investing in military spending due to the comfort of American military
umbrella. The European response to this American decision will also trigger nervousness in the relationship with the European Union and the United States of America.

Obama however emphasized that America will build towards a “robust nuclear deterrent” which will be helpful for the American nation to secure its borders as well as her interests internationally. He also elaborated on American
responsibility to confront terrorism and protect its sovereignty with enhanced American capacity to conduct cyber warfare and missile defence capabilities.