Government has moved the country to a crisis by not implementing SC verdict: Nawaz Sharif

Lahore: (Thursday, January 12, 2012) Pakistan Muslim League – N chief Nawaz Sharif while talking to media yesterday said the government had moved the country towards a serious crisis by not respecting and implementing the apex
court’s orders.

Hinting on what role his party was going to play in the present confrontation like situation between government and judiciary, the PML-N leader said, “The government is disrespecting the judiciary on a daily basis”.

Pointing out the rampant corruption which had engulfed the country from top to the bottom and the eminent confrontation between the institutions, Sharif lamented that corruption was ruling the country and warned the government
that clashes between institutions should not take place.

Suggesting a remedy to the present political chaos, the PML-N president said elections should be held on urgent basis. He was of the view that democracy was returned to the people of Pakistan after a long time, and it should not
be sacrificed for petty personal gains.

Nawaz Sharif also alleged the President and Prime Minister of playing with future of Pakistan. Stating that the country could no longer afford to indulge into any unconstitutional and unlawful acts, Nawaz said, “The rule of law
and constitution is beneficial to Pakistan”.