Unemployment has become a global issue because of the economic recession that has hit almost every country of world at the present time. However, in Pakistan, this problem has reached to the maximum level and with every passing day, it is even growing bigger.

There are some issues which cannot be denied and which are out of control as the global recession that also causes unemployment. But, in Pakistan, the major reason of this problem is lack of proper system which is required to run a country in an appropriate

In Pakistan, thousands graduates complete their education every year and start searching jobs. But, instead of generating more job opportunities, the government has put the country in critical situation.

The shortage of electricity and gas has harmed the industry in Pakistan and countless people have lost their jobs because their companies could not survive. Instead of increasing the opportunities, the bad policies of government are causing people to lose
their jobs.

Another important factor which adds fuel to the fire is that there is no merit at all. The vacancies are announced but are filled with those who are highly incompetent. Corruption is touching the sky as people bribe the officials in order to get jobs and
when they get, they also start doing corruption.

Those who are really capable of the jobs always wander here and there to find a good job but they fail to get it because they do not have much money or contacts to bribe the officials.

Unemployment in Pakistan haunts the bulk of general masses because they do not find opportunities and when they do, they fail to get consideration.

Corruption is one of the major reasons of unemployment in Pakistan as only those people get decent jobs in public sector departments who have a strong family background or have enough money in their pocket to bribe the relevant officials.

The government of Pakistan should work for the development of the country and should leave their personal benefits behind. They should take rapid steps to create more and more job opportunities by facilitating the industry and all other sectors in the country.

Government should also ensure the selection of people on merit when it comes to get a job in a public sector department. Pakistan will make rapid progress when people will have jobs and will feel that their future is secure.