Long awaited decision regarding the Thar Coal Project was finally taken on Thursday, when the Prime Minister, Sayed Yousuf Raza Gilani, announced that instructions have been sent to the concerned ministries to use Thar Coal Project
for enriching the energy sector.

“We have natural resources and we are exploring them to benefit people,” he said. “The government would overcome this crisis with the help of people. The government would continue its journey of progress in the country and provide
maximum facilities to people. The gas reserves had been discovered eight years ago in Tandojam but it was delayed, depriving people of the facility.”

Both industrial and domestic users are suffering from a serious shortage of natural gas across the country, resulting in massive street protests on regularity. The gas distribution authorities have been working out for a better
distribution plan to the consumers but the industries have kept suffering from the lack of sufficient gas supply throughout. The textile sector is the most affected one and a number of textile units have faced closures due to non-availability of gas.

At last the Prime Minister has taken some substantial and long-term measure to cope up with the gas shortage crisis by ordering the ministries to exploit the Thar Coal Project for the purpose. Gilani has further cited that the
priority will be given to the local residents of the Thar region in gas distribution as they possess the greatest right over the reserves being discovered in their areas.

The Prime Minister further told that the government is paying great emphasis for the completion of Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI), Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline Project and LNG projects as soon as possible. He ensured
once these grand projects get completed and operational, the gas shortage crisis will be completely swiped out from the country.