Lenovo, renown for providing technology throughout the world, became the largest PC maker after acquiring the ThinkPad line in 2003. They have now provided the K91 smart TV with Google Android operating system in China.

They are well known in the business environment and expanding the range without losing the aesthetic seriousness. HP only surpasses them in selling computers, but do not seem to conform.

In mid-2011 Lenovo introduced the first ultra book, the u430.They were the first to give a new concept and provide the ultra light models of different sizes, colours and features.

In addition to the Lenovo notebook models, they introduced two more outstanding but very different models. Ideacentre PC Q 180 is a tiny, elegant design, perfect for salon or business environments for presentations. It includes
a remote control keyboard and mouse at the same time.

Ideacentre A 720, a computer with 27-inch touch screen which supports up to 10 contact points at a time. Perfect for playing, drawing or playing with both hands. The design is very similar to the current iMac. 

Its exterior design is somehow similar to iMac, but it includes more features. The screen can be completely horizontal. It may be convenient not only to play, also to see pictures or maps with several people. The more modest model
price will be around a thousand Euros.

Li Yao, head of this division, explains his vision of this phenomenon: "We do not see our self as closed sighted. We will present new devices with several sizes, models and functions as needed. We want to give the best experience,
giving the most for every dollar invested."

After mobile phones, tablets and computers, the Chinese firm only lacked market share in the television market. During a Consumer Electronic Show, Lenovo gave the stroke on the first day with a different ad.

Lenovo are now presenting K91 smart TV which will be initially be available in China. It will be the first TV to use the Android 4.0 operating system, the same operating system that is used in mobile phones and tablets.

It includes 100 applications from Android marketplace, available with a touch screen remote control with integrated microphone.

However, Apple, is set to launch a newer Apple TV version which definitely will increase the rivalry with Google Android’s operating system.