Pakistan’s Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani desperate for parliament’s support

Pakistan’s elected Government will be tested on Monday as the Parliament will decide whether the current administration is good enough to continue or not.

Prime Minister of Pakistan is required to take the vote of confidence from the parliament on Monday, the 16th of January 2012.

A tough time for the party as the vote comes in a situation where the administration is having serious clashes with the judiciary and the military.

Prime Minister of Pakistan sacked the defence secretary earlier which increased the tension level as military warned Mr. Gilani of “potentially grievous consequences”.

Gilani briefed during a bold speech that the decision is in the hand of MPs to decide Arwhether they want democracy or dictatorship in the country. He stated that anyone who votes against the current Government is clearly welcoming the dictatorship.

He told the parliamentarians that the administration “will not beg support from anyone”. Gilani continued, "Now we have to decide whether we should have democracy or dictatorship in this country. If we have committed any mistakes, it does not mean that democracy
or parliament should be punished".

Analyst believes that Mr Gilani is expected to win the vote of confidence which will reinforce the current position of his Government.

President of the country, Mr. Asif Ali Zardari has also returned back after a short visit to Dubai last Thursday. Officials briefed that the reason behind his departure was to attend a wedding ceremony and falsified all the rumours.

Mr. Gilani has called a meeting of cabinet’s defence committee today to release the tension. It will be the first time that the military and the civilian officials will face each other since the latest situation. It is said that the recent Nato attacks on
Pakistani border post will also be discussed.

Only time will tell if the Government succeeds in achieving the vote of confidence on a crucial time. However, if the administration succeeds in receiving the desired votes it will certainly be able to diffuse the increasing tension and increase its credibility.