Present confrontation between the political parties and the military institutions has created an air of uncertainty in the business sector and the traders are started to get afraid from worsening circumstances. Businessmen and industrialists are foreseeing
the drastic outcomes of the current political confrontation and believe that such scenario’s can be very harmful for the already suffering economy of the country.

Uncertain political circumstances certainly affect future decision making and strategic planning. Traders are afraid the businessmen will hold back their business decisions until stability is observed in the political environment of the country. Rumours
are heard from different corners that the existing government is near to its downfall and mid-term general elections are well on the cards. Such news have resulted sluggish business activities throughout the country, with businessmen showing reluctance in
taking any steps further.

A number of traders in the leading markets of Karachi have complained of low customer presence and tedious trading activities. The businessmen in Karachi have demanded for an early settlement of political issues, as their commerce is suffering a great deal
under the present circumstances.

Gas and power shortage across the country have already taken a huge toll out of industries and the prevailing political crisis has made the business environment even worse. Rising fuel rates have also contributed a lot towards maligning the sagging economy
of the country.

Chairman of Korangi Association of Trade and Industry (KTAI), Ehteshamuddin, has revealed his concerns about the current political scenario by citing: “businessmen are not bothered as to who is running the country’s affairs, but are more interested in political
stability and business-friendly environment. The government should act seriously to clear political upheaval so that businessmen can work freely and make future investment.”

Karachi Chamber of Commerce has also stated that businessmen are extremely worried about any possible collision between the army and the government. If anything like this happen in the near future, it will have seriously adverse effects on the ailing economy
of the country.


Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are the writer’s own and in no way represent’s official editorial policy.