IT has been observed that in all advanced nations of the world students are encouraged to chose a field of their own interest and complete their education in that particular area to adopt it as their profession.

However, in Pakistan, the situation is completely reversed as students always study those subjects which, they think, could earn them a good job despite their disliking of the subject. By following this trend, they remain struggling in getting a better position
in a good organisation.

Such students fail to perform well in their profession because they have selected this field not by their own choice. They are forced to complete their study in that particular field because of its scope in the market.

This trend has become alarming in Pakistan as students get education just for the sake of good job, not for getting knowledge of a particular subject of their interest. Parents force children to study such subjects that have a good scope to get a good job.

This is not the right choice to get a good job because it restricts students to a certain level and they fail to move ahead. If they select the subject of their own choice, they will more likely to earn a respectable name in that particular field.

We should consider our own interests while selecting the subjects for our studies because if we don’t we will always remain struggling in such a field which is against our interest.

Only those people establish a respectable position in a profession who follow the areas of their interest. They put full effort in that specific field and the results always remain favourable.

The parents should perform their role in this regard as they should not only think that their son or daughter will become a doctor, engineer of IT professional.

Parents should leave it to the interest of their children and should encourage them to work hard in a field of their own choice.

If the students in Pakistan start following what they are interested in, they will certainly establish a wonderful name in that particular field and will certainly find a desired job in that profession.