8.       Edufina

The Jordan-based website caters to all the universities in the country and all over Middle East. The URL sports a search engine, forum and news section that offers all the latest updates related to universities of the region.

However, the website is not without glitches. The on-site search engine is in its early stage and is not optimized to a variety of the query strings. Moreover, profiles of the universities are far from complete. If these faux pas in the portal are eradicated, it can become a valuable asset for high school graduates; parents who want to get information about universities for their children; and educators.

As many as three universities can be compared to comb through the pros and cons, like electronic devices are run through scrutiny before purchasing the best.

9.       Aqar Map

As the Middle Eastern region is one of the promising lands for real estate, Aqar Map, a Yemen-based website, takes this opportunity into its stride. The website caters to the demand and supply of houses and office spaces for rent and purchase.

Although the realty business is not a new concept on the web, the reason why Aqar Map outshines its peers is the options and details it offers.

First, it eliminates the need of an intermediary from the equation and offers the same services to both parties.

Second, the prices are communicated upfront on the website therefore, the purchaser does not have to go through the hassle of contacting the seller for the value and can comb through the data for the feasible choice.

Third, pictures of real estate are also attached to the posts to take a look at the space that is on sale or is available for rent.

The search engine is optimized to address the need of budget, location and space. All things considered, Aqar Map is a one-stop shop to purchase or rent a house or office space.