The progress of any country heavily relies on the policies of its rulers, who run all affairs of the country. However, the leadership of Pakistan, unfortunately, is comprised on those people who are highly incompetent and have dragged the country at the verge of disaster.

Patriot and competent leaders always keep the interest of nation at their top priority and rest of the things hold a secondary position. But in Pakistan, the situation is exactly reversed as her rulers think of their own interest and they do not even bother
for the general masses.

Fortunately, we have got a sovereign judiciary which has made it difficult for the corrupt rulers to stay in office. The Supreme Court of Pakistan has took a step against the incompetent and irresponsible working of Prime Minister of Pakistan, Yousaf Raza
Gilani and ordered him to face the court.

PM is just one person in the bulk of incompetent people in the ruling party. The corruption of leaders is no more a hidden thing for the general masses and their real faces have been revealed by media and judiciary.

These corrupt rulers always remain busy in making as much corruption as possible while remaining in the governing body. They do not even think that they are harming the whole nation and doing injustice to the poor people of Pakistan.

But these people will never think for Pakistan as they have already took steps to save their future. They have made arrangements and agreements to save themselves from the trial of people.

When they will feel that this country will not giving them anything else and their trial is near, they will immediately leave the country as many did in the past few decades, and will come back whenever they will get indication from the ruling party of Pakistan.

In this whole game power, the poor and innocent people of Pakistan pay the price. They always suffer from the hands of corrupt leaders and when the next elections come, they are again left with no choice but to support the representative of two major parties
including Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP).

These two political parties have been ruling the country for the last three decades and have always remained busy in becoming richer by accumulating the wealth of the nation.

Now it is time to wake up for the nation and to get rid of the corrupt rulers because if existing trend continues, the destruction of Pakistan will not be out of question.


  1. Asif Zardari took over his wife’s party after her assassination and nominated Yusuf Gilani as prime minister. In appreciation Gilani swept under the rug ongoing corruption probes against Zardari. So far that gentleman’s wink-wink agreement worked. But now the Pakistani Supreme Court has decided that Gilani’s obligation as prime minister is to serve the nation – not his allegedly corrupt mentor -Mr. Zardari- also known as Mr. 10% (The pay-off percentage bribes he was accused of collecting from business doing projects with the state when his wife Benazir Bhutto was prime minister, plus the financial probe by Switzerland )

    Mr. Gilani had stopped all legal procedures against Zardari, but now the Supreme Court might order his own prosecution for protecting Zardari against the Supreme Court’s orders. And it seems to be the end of the line for both Mr. Gilani and Mr. Zardari. Now Mr. Gilani would have to decide whether he would serve the nation, or he would stick with his stubbornness to serve and protect Zardari, and go down with him. Nikos Retsos, retired professor, USA