A doctor is supposed to be a saviour who is the last hope of a patient when he/she is fighting for life. If a legitimate and mandated saviour refuses to save a life, he/she does not deserve to be stay in the sacred profession even for a day.

On today morning, I was shocked to read a news about deliberate shut down of the emergency department of Punjab Institute of Cardiology and death of a patient along with adverse sufferings of the many others. Reportedly, all doctors of the hospital went
on strike on a petty issue yesterdy, leaving the patients in lurch. Despite the humble requests of relatives of the emergency patients, the so –called saviours did not even bother to medicate them.

Apart from this incident, we often read about such type of events in newspapers. One day or the other, the poor Pakistani patients have to suffer due to the doctors’ strikes and protests.

Moreover, the on-duty doctors of the public hospitals behave in a hostile and rude manner with the patients and their siblings. Unfortunately, if you are in a hospital and you need to call a doctor at night, it will be a herculean task for you. In some cases,
patients lose lives at night for want of medicare.

This is too inhuman, unethical and unprofessional attitude which does not suit to the character of a person who is supposed to shield his/her fellow beings against health risks and diseases.

Sorry to say, the doctors of our country are completely deprived of moral and human values. They are totally oblivious to their duties. They prefer their private clinics to their public obligations.

Not all are bad. There are some God-fearing and merciful doctors too, but the majority is morally corrupt.   

I do not discourage the right to protest for due interests, but it does not mean that the doctors should play with lives of the patients. If you have to stage a demo, you must do it in free time or you should have an alternative arrangement for at least
emergency patients while going for strikes.

It is easy to become a doctor but it is hard to become an ethical human.