In every state of the world, whether it has a democratic system, martial law or any other form of government, the rule of law holds paramount importance. The absence of rule of law always creates disparity of power and the downtrodden classes always suffer
to the maximum in such country.

All advanced nations of the world have followed the rule of law as they have fully realised its importance, which forces them to spend their lives according to a code of conduct. It determines the limit of an individual and restricts him or her from doing
wrong things.

However, unfortunately, there is no rule of law in Pakistan as the rulers have made the courts their play ground. They always ignore the orders of the court whenever they go against these corrupt rulers.

They go on saying that they respect judiciary but their actions never justify their words. They are hypocrites and always think themselves superior to law.

The corrupt rulers in Pakistan are destroying the sanctity of courts and always go on to follow their personal gains in every possible way.

The current government has made these things worst as it seems that the ruling party have decided not to follow what the court orders them. They do not even think their wrong actions are causing the destruction of the judicial system in Pakistan.

These corrupt leaders should also think that they are not here to remain forever. If they are in rule today, they will not be tomorrow. They should realise their responsibility and should fear of God who has given them this power.

These corrupt rulers should change their attitude which is the requirement of the day and which will strengthen the judiciary of Pakistan and will also be beneficial for the development of the country.

If these rulers continue the existing trend, then the courts will become useless and the future governments will also follow the same trend which will destroy the country as a whole.

So, the rule of law is the most important and basic element in the progress of a nation. The rulers of Pakistan should realise it and should ensure its implementation on everyone without any discrimination.