Although the times have changed and start-ups these days do not get the same opportunities as did Coca-Cola and Ford, more than a century ago. However, geniuses do not need favours dished out them, they find them and put in the effort to become successful. Following are some of the entrepreneurs who climbed the ladder of success and made it look like a stroll in the park.

1. Unique Auction’s CEO, Arif Mirza, is the ‘innovator’ of the contemporary age of digital media. With successful ventures like Weblo, and under his belt, Mr. Mirza has always found the right opportunity at the right place. He is truly the Benjamin Franklin of the modern age.
After the success of, Mr. Mirza is now on his way to capture the UAE market with The website is on its way to amaze the Middle Eastern public with a unique style of bidding.

2. Paul Kenny, founder and CEO of is a Mentor at Seedstartup. He is a Lecturer by profession and a hungry entrepreneur, who sees the Middle East as one of the promising lands in the world for business.

3. Tim O’Shaughnessy, CEO of Living Social, is the man behind the core strategies of the enterprise. He sees the growth as the next great consumer brand. Before Living Social, Tim led the consumer products team at Revolution Health and managed product launches at AOL.

4. Saeid Hejazi, founder of Nahel, is a visionary who sees the world from a different perspective. His vision was incorporated into the one-of-a-kind online shopping mall that says and works on the dogma of hassle-free shopping and is quickly becoming the online Wal-Mart of UAE.

5. The founder of Mawaly, Sharif Amin, has brought the people of Middle East a reliable source of Arabic music. The site is managed in Ukraine, where Sharif belongs.

6. Haytham A. Abd ElFadeel is one of the most prolific IT professionals in the region. Prior to Kngine, Haytham was involved in several researches and open source projects ranged from Parallelism, Distributed Systems, and Multi-core Optimization to Semantic Web, Information Retrieval, and AI.

7. CEO Samer Abdin is the man behind Istikana. In addition to the success of Istikana, Abdin has successful track record of working at Boston Consulting Group, Calyon Investment Bank, MIT MBA, University College London Loves media and distrupting markets.

8. Asad Akbar, is a start-up maestro. However, Edufina is his one-of-a-kind project that has seen so much success. It is not only a new venture in the online industry but is also service to the public of Jordan. With its success in Jordan, the company might also increase the span to Middle East in the coming future.

9. Amad Almsaodi, is a master at what he does. Born in Egypt, Almsaodi knows five different languages including Arabic, English and French. Due to his exposure to the US, UK and French markets, it is expected that Agar Map will include these countries into the fold.

10. Ossama Hassanein, CEO of, is one of the successful capitalist in the Middle East. Tech Wadi is non-profit organization that runs with the dogma of strengthening the relationship between USA’s Silicon Valley with Arab World and so far has raised $1 Billion in funds from all the countries in different technology sectors.