Internet is an inexpensive way to interact with people and make contacts. Over the years, many companies have brought the tools to the masses to run their lives online and it has been effective. However, the current economic scenario has put hurdles in the way of new entrants.

Moreover, sustaining a business is one big task that lands on rough grass. Advertisements and promotions are essential in the contemporary world to be recognized. The markets are waterlogged with enterprises and corporate giants that spare no mercy on new entrants.

Although there are no restrictions for any enterprises to advertise their businesses and increase customer traffic at their venues, internet-based start-ups do need some innovative ideas to get noticed, due to the increasing user-pool that engulfs the whole globe.

In addition, due to the scant capital to support advertisement, these companies have to rely on cheap yet effective ways to promote their companies.

One of the most effective ways for promotion is online social networking. The likes of Facebook and LinkedIn can assist in increasing the PR network. Where Facebook can prove to be an effective channel to interact with customers and users, LinkedIn can be utilized to widen the networking with professionals and experts. There are online forums and conferences that can be advertised effectively on low prices.

Moreover, lobbying with bloggers to cover the latest happenings on their portals can also help in bring the companies to the spotlight. This can become the first step in attracting news media to their operations.

Strategic partnerships like what Cobone did with Etisalat, can also make the start-ups prominent in the bigger picture of corporate sector.

Companies with the likes of Nahel can promote themselves on special events like auto shows and technology expos like Consumer Electronics Show in the USA. These events help consumers to know what new and innovative tools are available on the internet to bring ease to their lives.

Conventional newspapers are now a dying breed as online journalism has replaced much of their volume. Online advertising is much more inexpensive than its predecessor on the paper. Every successful newspaper has its presence on the internet and start-ups can feed the public with information in the shapes of banners and slideshows usually seen on MSN, Yahoo and other websites of the like.