Veena Malik is a dedicated actor says Hemant Madhukar

The director and screenwriter, Hemant Madhukar, has commended the controversial queen of Pakistan, Veena Malik, for her work in his upcoming 3D horror film ‘Mumbai 125km’, which is expected to hit the cinemas in May.

Madhukar last year directed a Telugu movie ‘Vastadu Naa Raju’ and the film did an excellent business at the Indian box-office. Though the director admitted he was questioned by many for having Malik in his first 3D movie, he said he had confidence in her and she has lived up to his expectations.

“After a smashing hit, many questioned my decision to make a Hindi 3D movie. But I haven’t forgotten Chota Chetan (1998) that I watched as a kid,” stated Madhukar, who two years ago had also directed another ghost story, A Flat (2010), that was a debacle.

“But she promised me that she would give the challenging role her best shot. And after working with her, I’ve realised that she’s a dedicated actor,” he said.

Veena Malik has always made headlines in India and Pakistan by using cheap publicity stunts. She caused a storm across the border when she not too long ago did a ‘nude’ photo shoot for an Indian magazine FHM. Later on, the actress created a flutter in India when she suddenly went missing for two days. However, Madhukar believes everyone’s thinking about Veena Malik will change once the movie gets released.

“I’m sure people’s opinion of her will change after my film releases,” he added.

Recently Pakistani daily reported that India has banned Malik’s entrance as a result to which she is facing visa problems in Dubai. Nevertheless, Madhukar has rejected all the reports.

“When I last spoke to her she said that she was returning to India in the first week of February. I am confident she will keep her promise,” he said.

‘Mumbai 125 KM’ revolves around five friends who are trapped on a highway one dark night and Veena Malik will obviously play a lead role among them.

Veena recently did an item number ‘Chhanno’ and it has been liked by the people but let’s see if the actress is liked by the audiences this time.