The winner of the first season of the US X Factor, Melanie Amaro, claimed that she is excited on recording her first album and admitted that there will be surprises in store. The singer insisted that she will not
give out any names but revealed that there will be some collaboration with some of the best singers.

Amaro won the maiden US X Factor and took home the $5 million prize money. She was also awarded a contract of an album and an appearance on an Pepsi advertisement during the Super Bowl.

The American artist is hopeful of recording an album that is unique and wants to adapt a style that is her own. She also expressed her desire to work with Mariah Carey on the album as she idolizes her and is a huge fan.

“I’ll definitely have that same sound, but I’m going to surprise people with what’s on the album and who is on the album. You’ve got to stick around and wait, I’m not going to give anything away! I would like to work with Mariah
Carey, and you know, whatever artist who wants to do a song with me and thinks they can stand up to my voice!” she was quoted as saying in an interview.

Melanie Amaro also offered her advice to young aspiring singers who want to audition for the next season of the X Factor. She stated that there is a lot of hard work in the competition and you have to be determined and passionate
to achieve your target.

“If you’re going to come, come strong and believe in your gift. I think I proved that if you put your mind to something, you can do it. I want to inspire people. If I can do it, coming from where I’m coming from with my past, anyone
can do it,” she concluded.

The singer was signed by Epic Records for a new album.



  1. Very disappointed. I loved this girl after watching her initial audition and all through the show. I’d leave activities just to make it home to watch the show. She was an aspiring singer initially…she has morphed into a diva meglomaniac. Comment about who can match HER voice…please…there are many, and many who sing more soulful. Would have bought the album…not any more. Will follow a regualr guy like Josh.