Beyonce to be honoured with monument in Houston – Celebrity News

The monuments are usually built to honour the people, who no more exist in their human bodies, but did brilliantly well during their lives. The monuments and statues are built, in order to pay tribute to them. On top of it, most people tend realise someone
talent after he or she passes away. Isn’t that true? However, the people of Houston have decided to pay homage to a living legend Beyonce Knowles. The amazing artist, R&B heart-throb, and hip hop diva totally deserves to be honoured after having conquered
the music industry and receiving several accolades for her work.

Quite recently, the people of Houston presented the idea of building a big Beyonce statue to the Mayor of city, who delightfully agreed upon. So there is going to be a statue of 30-year old superstar in the city of Bayou in Houston, Texas. The people of
Houston have teamed-up with a marketing company named Armdeonce Ventures, which will be responsible to build a large size monument in honour of Beyonce. As projected, the statue is likely to be finished this year, while the official unveiling to be held on
star’s birthday on September 4th, 2012.

One of the people who came up with this amazing idea, Marcus Mitchell, stated: "Our biggest thing is a lot of people get honoured when they die, so our goal is to why not honour people why they’re still here? We felt as though it’s her time to be honoured.
We wanted to construct, like, a massive hall so as the doors open. There will be clips of Beyonce with Destiny’s Child and wardrobe like a mini museum.”

The monetary donations would be welcomed and the donors will have their names etched onto the monument. Moreover, they will be invited to the inauguration ceremony of the monument. All earnings from the project will be donated to charities such as the Grammy
Cares Foundation, Music for America, and Hurricane Katrina victims.  

Beyonce, one of the most renowned names in the music industry and she is originally from Houston. She has produced so many chart-topping hits and is the wife of famous rap singer Jay-z.