So-called class difference generates discrimination in Pakistan

Discrimination is basically the name of ‘imbalance’ in the smooth sailing of any society, which creates many problems particularly for downtrodden people. In Pakistan, discrimination has become a common evil that basically stems from this so-called class

In Pakistan, where people are living at two extremes, it has grown to be very difficult to eliminate discrimination. Nevertheless, it is difficult but not impossible to put an end to this social evil which is gearing up a wide gulf between people and is producing a
hatred in their hearts.

Discrimination has become a common trend in our society and exists in various forms. People who have established a high position in society by means of their wealth do not even have a single feeling of liking for those who are called ‘the poor’.

Rich people are not even ready to consider the poor human beings because they thing themselves superior to anyone else. They behave with downtrodden class in a humiliating way. This disgusting behaviour of the rich generates a feeling of hatred in the hearts of the poor and stretches the gap between these two classes.

People who fall into the category called ‘middle class’ always try to support the rich in order to get importance from them. They also try to avoid downtrodden class for showing their superior position.

This discrimination cannot be witnessed better than visiting any government department. The officials or staff of different government departments always prefer rich people and behave them in a humble way or even like a servant.

However, when they come across a poor man, they take a reverse gear and become superior to them and behave with them in an unbearable manner.

The rich in Pakistan also have the right to do whatever they want and they do not even pay any heed to the law of the land. They think that the biggest power is money and it is in their hands, so they do anything they want and shut the mouth of officials with their money.

On the other hand, when a poor man commits a mistake, no matter is intentional or unintentional, he receives severe punishment from the so-called police department in Pakistan, which seems to be formed to protect the rich. In Pakistan, Law is practically applied to the poor not to the rich.

Education system in Pakistan is one of the major reasons for this discrimination as the children of rich families study at private schools which the children of poor families cannot afford. They go to the government schools where the education system has become completely outdated.

When these students complete their education and go out for job, the employers also prefer those children who have an English Medium background and who have studied at famous private schools.

However, this gap between the poor and the rich can be narrowed by making reforms in the education system and by safeguarding the rights of downtrodden people against the elite class.

Rules and regulations should be practically implemented to all without making any discrimination and everyone should be equal before law regardless his social status.