Media’s role in the progress of Pakistan

Media, whether print or electronic, has achieved paramount importance in the modern world and is widely considered as the fourth pillar of the state. Because of its undeniable importance, it has a powerful influence in the opinion shaping of people.

However, the power of media is being used by those who are in power. They use this tool in order to gain personal benefits and the media owners do not remain impartial and help these people in their evil designs.

When media starts supporting any particular person or party, it become biased which is completely against the spirit of Journalism. The true spirit of Journalism is to deliver the news in its real form without distorting the facts.

In Pakistan, media has gained wonderful power but it is still under the influence of those who want to show a one-sided picture of events to the general masses. News channels in Pakistan always deceive the innocent people by showing them a one-sided picture.

The people of Pakistan, unfortunately, are not educated enough to read the international media’s news about our country that reveal many shocking things which out channels always try to hide.

The role of Media is very important in the development of any country but if it works according to the true spirit. It can educate people on certain important issues and it can also help people in getting awareness of what is going on around them in this

News channels in Pakistan are also biased as they support one political party or the other in order to gain materialistic benefits in the form of commercial ads. If we want our country to make rapid progress, then we have to educate general masses by telling
them truth, which is the basis responsibility of media.

By following the true principles of Journalism, media can put the country on the right track by highlighting the wrong doings of the government and by making people enlightened about every problem in Pakistan. If it happens, we will also become a well educated
and well informed nation and will definitely find the right path that leads towards prosperity.