MPs express concerns over U.S. Congressional hearing on Balochistan

Members of Parliament (MPs) on Wednesday expressed concerns over the Congressional hearing on Balochistan, saying Americans wanted to make the province an independent territory to use it as a route to Central Asia.

While speaking on a point of order in the National Assembly, PML-Q Member Nausheen Saeed said that the U.S. was interfering in Balochistan.

In quite an unparalleled move, US Congress subcommittee on Foreign Affairs discussed gravity of situation in Balochistan.

The subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, chaired by Republican from Califorinia, Dana Rohrabacher, held a session to discuss the target killings and abuses of human rights in Balochistan.

Rohrabacher, who has co-authored an article a few days back in favored of an independent Balochistan, termed the matter requiring urgent attention. Many officials of the Human Rights Watch submitted their testimonies over the violations.

Nausheen Saeed while referring to report of the Defence Department said the U.S. wanted to make Balochistan a sovereign area to take advantages of its geographical condition.

“The US report says that an independent Balochistan will help it for uninterrupted supply to NATO and coalition forces, battling in Afghanistan and other parts of Central Asia when require,” she added.

The Americans, the MNA claimed, has also clear intentions to use Gawadar Port for logistic and trade purposes. She asserted, “The US also thinks that it can beat Taliban while sitting in Balochistan”.

Quoting a U.S. congressman, Nausheen Saeed said that America could beat the radical elements in the province and easily control Iran if Balochistan was made an independent region.

In the meantime, a PPP legislator from Balochistan, Hamayun Aziz Kurd said that the U.S. wanted to separate the province from Pakistan. “Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is active in Balochistan for implementing the notorious US design,” he held.

Kurd also urged the Pakistan Army to start the dialogue process with annoyed Bloch people. He said that operation and target killing had almost taken the province very far away from the federation.


  1. Can somebody ask US why Drone attacks are not abuse of human rights……This is not only human rights violation but also against UNO charter.
    Pak Govt and army should resolved all the dispute with in days to avoid any serious problem………….