The infamous memogate scandal is taking a new turn every day and each new twist and turn seems to throw up yet more questions, usually with no obvious answers.

In the latest move, Mansoor Ijaz, the central character of entire episode, once again failed to appear before the judicial commission constituted by the Supreme Court to probe the matter.

A three-member judicial commission constituted by the Supreme Court (SC) to probe memogate resumed the hearing in Islamabad High Court. Ijaz’s counsel Akram Sheikh told the court that his client would not appear before the court in Pakistan due to security problems.

During the hearing in the Islamabad High Court, Justice Qazi Faez Isa said that if it was told earlier that Mansoor Ijaz will not come, and then it would have not only saved time but also resolved the case.

Akram Shiekh said that his client was appearing before the court voluntarily and that the commission under the Pakistani laws does not hold the authority to summon the US businessman.

He said that if Ijaz comes to Pakistani, the Parliamentary Committee on National Security (PCNS) would also summon him, in reply to which Justice Isa said, “Now you are taking a U-turn.”

Justice Isa added that earlier, security was being made an issue and now, parliamentary committee.

The counsel prayed to the court that the location for recording Ijaz’s statement be changed to Zurich or London from Dubai. What was the guarantee that Ijaz will get his statement recorded if the court’s representatives go abroad, Justice Isa questioned.

Ijaz has been summoned by the parliamentary committee and judicial commission tasked to probe the controversial memogate, who has twice refused to come to Pakistan despite security assurances.

In the request, Sheikh had said that Ijaz has a security threat if he comes to Pakistan and there was also the danger that he might be arrested on false charges or evidence might be taken away from him.

Sheikh reiterated that his client had offered to record his statement in Pakistan High Commission in London.