Humsafar – the most watched drama of the past decade  

Humsafar, the most watched drama in Pakistan these days, is brilliantly directed by Sarmad Sultan Khoosat. It consists of 22 episodes and the first episode was aired on September 24th, 2011 on Hum TV. It stars Mahira Khan and Fawad Afzal Khan
as the leading characters. Atoqa Odho, Sara Kashif and Naveen Waqar are also starring in this romantic drama.

The Drama is based on the 2008 novel of the same name written by Farhat Ishtiaq. The story of the novel was laid out in retrospective manner and was mainly told in flashbacks. However, the drama adaptation is mostly linear and is critically acclaimed.

Ratings show that the viewership of this epic Hum TV serial is more than double as compared to any other drama watching these days.

Its title song is exceptionally sung by Qurat-ul-Ain Baloch while lyrics were given by Naseer Turabi. The song beautifully describes the whole plot in seven minutes. It presents the story with such excellence and deepness that cannot be described in words. 

Story of Humsafar drama starts with the marriage of Khirad and Ashar at the time when they do not even know each other and have never seen anyone before their wedding. The forceful decision by the Father of Ashar later proved to be happiness for their lives
and Khirad and Ashar finally fall in love with each other. Initially the mother of Ashar proved herself very comfortable with the entire situation and the wedding but later she was proved the vamp for her own son and broke their relation with the help of her
nephew, her sister and her niece. What happens next you have to keep watching this brilliance of television drama of Pakistan in form of Humsafar that will make you glued to your TV screen from first second of its screening till the last.


  1. Terrible article!!! You’ve made a sweeping statement without presenting any facts. What are the viewership stats? how many ppl watch it on a weekly basis? you can’t make such a huge statement based solely on the number of facebook fans this drama has.

  2. you need to check your stats, i\’ve done wide study on this and my facts are not based on facebook likes only

  3. Above two comments might have been rivalry media, but being a humsafar fan and without challenging any of its excellency, I still would like to know stats because I heard Sarmad Salman in the post drama evening showing talking about ratings. I became curious and wanted to know how do they calculate it in Pakistan when then have no proper cable and Sat Tv. Unlike here in US, they have local cable operators broadcasting and boosting through manual methods, which makes it hard to keep a count. So what ever the number comes up is an approx / average number.

    Wikipedia also states that humsafar also received an overwhelming response in India, being humsafar fan, I’d love to hear that, but how over whelming?? Stats man Stats! You gotta give up with some.

    Bottom line: Hats off to humsafar and team, cool cast, simple script but dont use the smoke screen for marketing disguise.

    I am writing to wikipedia in this very week to make ammendments and stop going after un-authentic sources that donot qoute and sources or facts.