Pooja Misrra: Pooja Bedi and Akashdeep Saigal (Sky) were paid to defame me – Bigg Boss 5

The VJ, model and actor, Pooja Misrra, recently participated in the one of the most possessed Indian reality TV shows ‘Bigg Boss 5’ but instead of gaining fame she became infamous and the reason behind was obviously her antics on the show. However, Pooja has claimed that the show makers deliberately edited her character to come across as negative.

Misrra had most of her fights with Pooja Bedi and Akashdeep Saigal (Sky) so much so that she got evicted from the show. Nevertheless, the actress says what audiences saw on the show is not her real character.

Pooja called BT to say, “Timmy and his clan paid Pooja Bedi and Akashdeep Saigal (Sky) to defame and harass me in the Bigg Boss house! I have a legal case against them for stalking me.”

Pooja stressed the show makers only showed her outbursts and whatever good she did in the house was never put on air. The actress claimed it was a pre-planned conspiracy just to damage her professional career.

She said, “It was a conspiracy, Pooja Bedi was paid money to come on the show and malign and defame me on international TV as well to instigate the other contestants too so they could hammer it into the psyche of the audience worldwide that I am a psycho!”

Pooja insisted, “It was a conspiracy to instigate and provoke me to such a degree so I would have outbursts! I was shown in poor light. My character was edited to come across as negative.”

“This is a clear attempt to sabotage my personal and professional life!”

Pooja Misrra also revealed that she is now planning to take actions against all the makers of ‘Bigg Boss 5’ in order to better her image.

‘Bigg Boss 5’, which was aired on ‘Colors’ from October 2, 2011 to January 7, 2012, was certainly the most controversial season of the ‘Bigg Boss’ reality show. Therefore, it fair to say that maybe there is some truth to what Pooja has said.

Anyways, let’s see if Pooja gets a response from someone.