Bollywood celebrities, Sunjay Dutt and Ameesha Patel, last week had a fracas at Rohit Dhawan’s sangeet in Goa but now it seems as if both stars have sorted out their differences.

Here is what happened. Sunjay Dutt was invited as a host at Rohit Dhawan’s party in Goa last week but the problem started when Ameesha Patel arrived at the occasion wearing a very tiny blouse that left most of her cleavage exposed. Reportedly, Dutt came to Patel and very kindly asked her to cover-up her body and when Ameesha didn’t listen, Dutt took her dupatta from her shoulder and draped it around her body.

Dutt did all of this considering Ameesha his sister but things went the wrong way. Ameesha started yelling at Dutt in the party as a result to which Dutt silently left the occasion and returned to Mumbai, without attending the wedding.

Rumours that revolved around suggested that Ameesha was angry because Dutt touched her inappropriately.

Therefore, Dutt was pretty disappointed with the rumours and while clarifying things to the media he stated he would never respect Ameesha, if she really thinks of him this way.

Dutt says, “I have always thought of Ameesha as a sister. I would’ve done the same with my sisters Priya and Namrata if I felt that they were dressed unsuitably at an event. I would never disrespect a lady. I have never ever done that in my life. I have always tried to help Ameesha and be like an older brother to her. If she has been saying this, I will never respect her and she will lose a well-wisher for ever.”

Things could have become ugly between the two but it’s all good now because Ameesha has responded to the whole situation. The actress rubbished all reports and stated Dutt never did anything like this to her. Ameesha insisted Dutt is very protective about her and these are just rumours.

Ameesha says, “Sanju is very protective about me. He’s such a dear friend that he can never ever misbehave. In fact, Sanju would himself kill if someone would try to touch me. He wouldn’t allow even a fly to hurt me. All these cheap rumours of ‘misbehaviour’ is sheer nonsense and spread by jealous losers.”