A new technology for diabetes in Africa – Part 2


This article is a continuation of “A new technology for diabetes in Africa – Part 1”


To "recharge" the easy bag, simply immerse again in water for 40 seconds. Over 80% of diabetes deaths occur in countries with low and middle income. In the 34 poorest African countries, spending per person associated with diabetes is twice the average wage. An
estimated 6% of total mortality in sub-Saharan Africa in 2010 was probably caused by diabetes.


Care systems in sub-Saharan Africa rather focus on the management of acute infections and have difficulty in providing and monitoring the long-term treatment needed by patients with diabetes. Have insulin, syringes and testing equipment is vital, but that
is not enough. You have to add a health system with trained personnel and adequate facilities. Health systems in sub-Saharan Africa suffer from a serious lack of health facilities nearby. Patients often must travel long distances for a prohibitive cost of
transport to get tested and seek treatment.


The solution of the easybag MedActiv helps these patients to have better management of their diabetes, because it let them keep their insulin at the right temperature. This product is part of the policy MedActiv, which is to create products that give patients
something that is often denied: the ability to take responsibility for their health.


About MedActiv: MedActiv develops solutions to transport drugs fragile. In France, some 1.2 million people suffer from diseases that make them prisoners of their medications. MedActiv became a partner with solutions that enable them to travel
anywhere in the knowledge that their medication is kept sensitive to temperature.