The Senate Functional Committee on Human Rights urged the government to clip the wings of brawny-intelligence agencies, rejecting the report presented by the Balochistan’s home department on the rampant human rights violations and law and order situation in the province.

The body warned the incumbent that the Baloch will have no other option to seek external assistance if serious steps were not taken to prevent the province from pushing against the wall.

The committee, which met with Senator Afrasiab Khattak in the chair, pressed the government to undertake more severe efforts to restrain the power and influence of security establishment in the province.

Senator Khattak observed, “The recovery of mutilated bodies and incidents of kidnappings for ransom are particularly a matter of great concern. These issues must be taken up seriously and sincere efforts are needed by the government to normalise the situation.”

The ANP Senator further stated that recovery of mutilated corpses come across as disassociation of the victim by the security institutions as well as state. He raised a question who considers them enemy rather than their very own people.

Quoting the common perception about the intelligence agencies, he stated they were involved in forceful disappearances and ditching the defaced bodies. In his view, the government should control its institutions as they are damaging the integrity of the country.

The ANP leader further commented, “They (the government) should investigate that what kind of circumstances have paved way for foreign elements,” he said, adding that “People will look towards foreigners when their rights are trampled down by their own”.

In the next move, the committee recommended that laws should be introduced to bring intelligence institutions under the democratic control of parliament.

It further suggested the incumbent to initiate dialogue process with the disenchanted Baloch to address their grievances.

Khattak raised a question, “All the Baloch political parties must be taken into confidence for negotiations as If the government can agree to hold talks with the Taliban militants, then why not with our Baloch brothers.”

Home Secretary Naseebullah Bazai while briefing the committee said the government had arrested 31 people in connection with kidnappings for ransoms. He confessed that law-enforcing agencies often arrest the culprits but they were set free due to lack of evidence.