The controversial queen of Pakistan, Veena Malik, caused a storm on both sides of the border when she posed ‘nude’ for the FHM magazine in India. Though Veena claimed she was wearing clothes and the picture was morphed, a controversial ISI tattoo on her arm caused a stir in the country.

Rumours revolving around suggested that perhaps Veena is working as a spy with Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). However, now things have gone back to normal since Veena has rubbished all reports.

The controversy erupted when the court ordered Delhi police to investigate the complaint that claimed Veena was spying for Pakistan.

The actress while calling the news ‘nonsense’ said, media always uses her name to make stories, which is unfair. Veena confirmed she is just an actress and has no links with ISI.

“One day I am accused of being aggressive, and the next day a spy. I am an actress. I don’t like being given such labels. People should respect me. I am an honest person who is just doing her work,” the actress was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, Veena’s international manager Nisha Sahdev also spoke to the media. Nisha stressed Veena never gets bothered by the rumours, as she gets in the middle of a controversy every second say but this time it was a serious allegation and therefore she decided to clarify things. Nisha stated Veena has all the necessary documents with her, which can prove her innocent anytime.

“We see and hear stories in the press daily on Veena Malik. We choose to let them be, but on this occasion we must clear that Veena has all the proper paperwork to enter and exit countries she works in and holds all the rightful documents for each project. These comments are unnecessary and time consuming.”

Veena Malik previously attracted media limelight when she disappeared for almost two days from the set without telling anyone and recently she was accused of assaulting one of her co-stars during the shooting ‘Mumbai 125 km’.