Yesterday, I wrote whether the new Windows 8 will be a success upon its launch in the latter half of calendar 2012, as it was claimed by Microsoft in 2011 and at the Consumer Electronics Show 2012 at Las Vegas.

However, big question for the Windows 8 to answer, in order to be successful in both tablet world and desktop segment, is the quality benchmarks set by their archrival, his majesty the Apple. The Cupertino-based company has been a complete success in the tablet market, which has become a full-fledged industry of late, as it gave birth to such commodity in 2010.

But it is not alone as there are many other competitors in the market, thanks to Google for their open-sourced operating system, Android that has been embraced by a number of tech companies all over the world.

However, Android has not been a complete success in the market because of its lack of competence in the operating system itself and quality of its applications. And this is where Windows should dwell itself with a competitive mark in the market.

Many experts are of the opinion that the performance of applications on Apple and Android have striking difference, even with a similar interface. The reason for such slack in the race, according to some experts is the platform, iOS and Android. But the real reason for such difference is not only the platform but devotion to the development of applications.