Politics Uncensored: Imran Khan stuck in a quicksand, or is he?

After Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) mammoth-sized rally in Lahore last year, I began to believe that the good times were just around the corner. The time for change seemed to have arrived and everything was going just as I had hoped. The people of Pakistan
had finally realized that they had been supporting the wrong people in the past and were finally turning towards the one man who promised to deliver a lot, Imran Khan.

However, I do not feel that confident about the bright future of Pakistan today. I am not implying that Imran has lost his fire to bring about a change in the country or he isn’t as committed to his task as he was before. I am simply implying that the change
may get delayed because of the people that Imran has begun to take in the party.

Without naming any of new additions to PTI, I’ll take the liberty to state that the party has become infested by snakes. The new names in the party can hardly be trusted with the challenge of eradicating corruption from the country. These people can hardly
be trusted with the foreign policy of our country as they have already comprised our sovereignty in the past as well. Many of the new members of PTI have even been involved in corruption. None of them have even admitted that they did abuse their position in
the government by amassing wealth and remaining negligent to their actual duty.

Another thing that one notices about PTI is their sudden change of attitude towards Muttahhida Qaumi Movement (MQM). The latter is known for their involvement in terrorist activities in Karachi. Imran and MQM have not exactly enjoyed a very good relation
in the past. However, the two hardly lambast each other on television now. It seems as if the two have managed to come to terms.

Like millions of other people, I trust Imran and hope that the recent change in his attitude towards MQM and the acceptance of politicians from other parties in PTI is all part of a strategy that he is keeping a secret for now. Pakistan needs a change and
Imran’s failure to deliver would indeed come as a huge disappointment to all those who have pinned their hopes on him.