PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif proposed his solution for the current energy crisis

In an attempt to add the chapter of energy in its next early general elections’ manifesto, the PML-N leader Mian Nawaz Sharif proposed his solution for the current energy crisis in Pakistan.

Nawaz not only identified the solution to the crisis but he also pinpointed the absence of political will, corruption and emphasised the inefficiencies of the ruling government.

The worsened energy crisis assisted PML-N to start an anti government campaign last year, but now, they took a step further and held a conference exclusively related to the adverse energy crisis of Pakistan.

According to an article by Express Tribune, the goal of the “energy for growth and sustainable development conference” was to develop a national agreement and confer with a wide range of Stakeholders. The conference was attended by party leaders, think tanks
and experts in the oil and gas sector.

A party executive told Express Tribune that, “The findings of today’s conference are going to be discussed by the manifesto committee which is in the process of finalising the party’s manifesto for the next general elections.”

PMLN-N leader, Nawaz Sharif told in a written message for the attendants of the energy conference that, “The biggest challenge for any new government which will assume responsibility after the next elections will be to deal with this energy crisis in the
shortest possible time.”

Nawaz related the circular debt problem with the imperfect energy policy of the ruling government. He also said that the PPP is playing a strong role in worsening the situation by implementing ad hoc measures including the installation of Rental Power Plants.
He said that this sole decision has increased the generation cost of electricity and as a result, everything is on fire.

“I firmly believe that the future mode of development is public-private partnership and we will offer the right incentives for attracting investments into this area,” Nawaz added.

The latest report of World Bank has unveiled that estimated production loss of Pakistan is around 2% of GDP per annum and the main reason for this is load shedding. Nevertheless, the PML-N’s proposed energy strategy was offered by Miftah Ismail.


  1. Nawaz Sharif should seek apology from nation for making a deal with General Parvez Musharraf to flee to Saudi Arabia.