At the moment when it looked like the rally fever was finally over, the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) organized the biggest one of the all comprising only of women in Karachi.

Apparently, the MQM was letting the up-and-coming parties like the JUI-F and PTI know just who is in charge of the country’s largest city and financial hub. This was a heartening display in a country where women are often marginalized and their political participation condensed.

Although the urban character of the city played significant role in the huge show, the reality remains that the country has not witnessed women in large numbers on the side of progressive causes. Indeed, the demands with few exceptions for which women have come out on the streets in the recent years have been measured backward.

If one can see the footage that was aired, the audience was belonged to affluent backgrounds including middle class, elite class as well as from minorities. It was not the first attempt of the MQM to rouse the women of the city and make them part of the mainstream politics.

It is the party that has always taken a firm stand on extremism, trying to include some female representation in its strength in parliament as well as in its party posts.

In the recent years, the formulation of crucial pro-women lawmaking and women themselves has taken their position equal partners in the political arenas. Altaf Hussain, the MQM chief was one of the few leaders who took the doctrinaire and conservative elements and groups present in the society.

He uttered vocal speeches against the increasing segments of jihadi organizations and intolerance in the country. Despite several differences with the party, this particular move by the party should be welcomed wide and large.

This show was particularly devoted to women and the party managed to bring them out to participate in the thousands.

Altaf Hussain addressed the rally, urging the need to empower women in making the country strong. Pakistan’s overall success and prosperity is linked with development of the women and it is about time that a leader of a political party uttered these words in a public rally.

At the same time, the sentiments by Altaf Hussain on Balochistan were appropriate, he recalled the same mantra what many in the country are doing so. It is correct time to address the issue or risk losing province completely.