The upcoming action spy film ‘Agent Vinod’ has become one of the most eagerly awaited films of this year and one of the main reasons behind the film’s enormous hype is Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor’s wedding. Both stars, who will be featured in the lead roles, are in love with each other in real life as a result to which they are planning to tie the knot.

The director of the movie, Sriram Raghavan, also knows that Saif and Kareena’s wedding is dominating his film but he has no issues with it since he is only concerned with the publicity of ‘Agent Vinod’.

“My job was to make the film. Now, Saif is working hard to present and market it well. Any publicity is good publicity, so, as far as ‘Agent Vinod’ is getting discussed even as a film after which Saif and Kareena will tie the knot, so it be, as far as it’s making headlines,” said the 48-year-old director.

Raghavan, in the meantime, commended Kareena Kapoor for doing a magnificent job in the film. The director insisted Kareena never likes doing action roles but she has given her best shot this time only because of Saif.

“Action isn’t Kareena’s cup of tea. Though she gave her best shot in all the action sequences, she enjoyed doing the mujra (Dil Mera Muft Ka) the most. And she did it beautifully,” he said.

The ultimate diva of Bollywood industry, Kareena Kapoor, is considered as the most profitable heroine in the industry and this is the first time she has ever performed to a mujra. Therefore, it is fair to say that her performance will make many out there flock to the cinemas.

‘Agent Vinod’, which has been co-produced by Saif Ali Khan, has a very simple storyline in which an Indian agent gets killed overseas during an operation. Nevertheless, before dying he sends a mysterious massage to the headquarters suggesting that there is something fishy going on.

The much-awaited film is scheduled to hit the cinemas on March 23, 2012 and all left to see is whether if the film will live up to the expectations or not.