The TV mogul insisted that he would love to work with good friend, Paula Abdul, and Nicole Scherzinger again. He insisted that there is no bad blood between him and the two ladies and claimed that the decision to axe Nicole and
Paula was in the best interests of everybody.

Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger were both axed after the first season of the American edition of the X Factor. Simon Cowell and LA Reid will continue to judge the second season with reports that Avril Lavigne and Britney Spears
will fill the other two places on the judges’ panel.

Cowell stated that he has already spoken to Paula about everything and admitted that both the former judges have been respectful to him throughout the time they have worked together.

“I spoke to Paula on the night it was announced. I was going to speak to Nicole that night but we were on different time zones and couldn’t actually speak ourselves. They have both been incredibly gracious and respectful and I
feel the same way about them. They are friends,” he was quoted as saying in an interview.

The judge defended the decision to axe the duo and claimed that the decision had to be made. He admitted that the organizers decided to make the changes sooner rather than later which is good.

“There were certain reasons why the changes were made. Our shows always have to change and evolve over the years and this particular time it was decided to do it sooner rather than later. I think there are huge opportunities for
us working with them in different areas over the years and I’m not just saying that, I actually think it will happen,” he concluded.

Melanie Amaro won the first season of X Factor and was awarded a prize money of $5 million.



  1. Great, who cares anymore. The press is obsessed with Simon Cowell. It’s wierd. This is the 3rd ranking singing competition on TV and you guys give it more press then Idol or The Voice. Nicoles person came in 2nd place and Paula is the most famous female judge on TV. It’s funny how they get rid of those 2 but keep LA Reid. Any female singer who joins this show is a fool and will probably regret it. I would only join if they bring Paula back, and hopefully she would NOT go back to X-Factor.