A chronology of Indian atrocities in Kashmir and the rest of the neighboring countries-Last part

India swallowed the princely state of Bantva-Manavadar and it 26 Muslim villages.
India invaded and absorbed Goa 4,000 Portuguese security with a force of 30,000 on the basis of a foreign presence on “republic of India’s” land.
India annexed Sikkim by fomenting a coup against the Buddhist king manipulating the grievances of his subjects.

The prime minister that supported India was labeled a traitor by his own people. 5000 Indian soldiers stormed a force of 243.  1 nineteen year old palace guard was killed.  Sikkim the tiny country was no more.

India maintains contested boundary sections with Nepal including 400 sq. km over the Kalapani River. India continues to stall negotiations on disputed territory in Sir Creek with Pakistan.

India invaded Siachen Glacier.

India swallowed Minicoy Islands (forgotten by the British) without any negotiation with the other dominion (Pakistan).

Indian encroached on Nepali lands and committed atrocities along the border villages of western district of Dang. These actions resulted in the displacement of more than 6000 people from their homes. Cases of rape and disappearance have been reported.

From Jhapa in the east all the way to Darchula in the west (where the Indian military has even set up a permanent base), the pattern of border encroachment is repeated, with forceful displacement, shifting of border markers and appropriation of territory.
India has already appropriated some 59,970 hectares of Nepali territory at 54 points in 21 districts.

If the security forces can treat dead women like hunting trophies, not only trussing their bodies to poles, but taking pride in displaying their kill, is it surprising that their behaviour towards the living is so atrocious?

"After every deadly attack by the Maoists, ‘civil society actors’ are summoned by TV channels to condemn the incident, substituting moral indignation for news analysis. And yet, the same media is strangely silent on police or paramilitary atrocities against

On June 9, The Hindu published stories of rapes in and around Chintalnar in Dantewada by special police officers (SPOs) of the Chhattisgarh government. To my knowledge, no one’s asked P. Chidambaram, Raman Singh or the Chhattisgarh DGP to condemn
these incidents or even asked what they are going to do about it. These are people in positions of power, who are elected or paid to uphold the Constitution, and the ‘buck stops with them’, not with ordinary citizens.