Never allow faith in God to waver

A staunch faith in God is a pre-requisite for a blissful life. Believing everything that happens in our life has a purpose and will eventually serve to make our life better.

There are a lot of incidents that confuse us, a lot of accidents that depress us and drive us to a point where we start questioning God. However, as time passes we become of the greater plan by God and realise just how stupid and paranoid we were being.

There are people who keeping wishing for something and yet they do not find their wish coming true. They begin to feel that God may have forsaken them or He is punishing them for something. People who are poor begin to feel that God has a soft corner for
the rich, people who are not blessed with good looks began to feel that God is kinder to beautiful people, people who are weak fall under the impression that God is siding with the strong.

Regardless of whether we believe it or not, God hardly ever differentiates between people based on their financial, physical or mental capabilities. He treats everyone equally and has written an equal amount of happiness and sadness in everyone’s life.

A young journalist who wishes for his identity to remain anonymous admitted, “I used to pray to God to win me the love of a girl whom I strongly loved during my school life. Every day I used to go to school hoping that God may have heard me and granted me
my wish, but every day I used to come home disappointed. I began to lose faith in Him. I began to feel that I was being punished. Everyone was happy while I was miserable. Everything was dark in my life until I met someone really special. It was only then
I realized what God had planned for me. He indeed is Glorious!”

While the journalist had lost his faith in God, the latter never left him alone. He carried that person to the point where happiness was awaiting him.

If a person goes through a difficult time, he should keep holding on to his faith firmly. At the end of every tunnel, there is light. One should keep praying to God to give him the strength to reach that light.