No need to bring the past to present in a relationship

A lot of people have admitted that when they marry someone, they want to be aware of the person’s past life. It not only helps them in judging the person’s character, but also allows them to know just what they are getting into.

I not only condemn this, but strongly discourage people from doing this. Digging out someone’s past would only lead to two things. The first is the demons that every single person has and which normally die once a person gets married.

The contemporary age is not that easiest to live in, especially if a person has high moral values. Almost everything and everyone that a person comes across pushes him away from decency. The films that we turn towards for the sake of entertainment end up
planting our minds with wrong ideas about how to lead life. The fashion that we follow eventually takes us to a point where we take pride in exposing our body. The music that we turn towards for relaxation and a peace of mind leads us to thoughts that are
well outside the boundary of religion.

With all these things becoming norms in the society, majority of the people go astray while growing up. It is a phase that almost everyone goes through. If someone claims that he has been nothing but a God fearing person his entire life, then that person
is lying.

I am not saying that a person should be going around telling everyone about his demons. I am simply saying that it is best to ignore those demons if they are apparently not there anymore. Asking someone how many relationships they had in the past would hardly
ever get a true answer and even if it does, the answer would either be untrue or a full stop to a relation that was just about to blossom.

People who take pride in something bad that they did in their yesteryears will never feel the need to hide it and flaunt it proudly, leaving no need for an interview with them. However, if someone is hiding something then it is clear that they were not proud
of it and therefore buried it.

When it comes to successful relationships, it is best to trust the heart instead of the mind, for the latter only serves to create doubt and insecurity.