Veena Malik: The other side of the coin

The actress-cum-model Veena Malik has attracted a lot of attraction in the last year and a half, most of it being hatred and abuses. She has pretty much sacrificed her self-respect to try and earn a star status, yet all she managed to become was another
Rakhi Sawant.

While her vulgarity and attention seeking stunts are without any doubt cheap and pitiful, the way she has managed to stand her ground while facing an entire society is commendable.

There is no denying what Veena did during the fourth season of Bigg Boss in India was beyond shameful. However, one cannot argue with the fact that she is a free person and not a slave of the society. Nobody can stop her from going to the neighbouring country
to make a fool of herself.

The Pakistani people for some reason are more offended by an act of vulgarity than murder, corruption and other crimes that are prevalent in the society.

It would have been interesting to see if Veena had gone to America to do all the cheap acts in Hollywood instead of an Indian reality show. The reaction of the Pakistani people would most likely have been much different. Those disgusted by her acts in Hollywood
would have been surely much less in number and their hatred would have been of a much less intensity.

Even though every Pakistani wishes that Veena had not shed her inhibitions and acted to immoral on national television in India, there is hardly anyone who is wishing for the likes of television host Mathira to disappear. Neither are there any Pakistanis
who are rejoicing over the fact that PTA has banned the access to pornography.

Majority of the people in our country are attracted to vulgarity and spend hours on internet watching objectionable stuff and holding long discussions about it with their friends later on. In a society where only the females are expected to exhibit morality,
people like Veena were bound to emerge eventually.

She may have done something wrong, but saying that she has disgraced Pakistan or should be exiled is simply absurd.