Marcos Rodriguez Pantoja was born in Añora, a village in Sierra Morena in Andalusia in 1946. Some years later when he was 7 years old, he was abandoned by all and was literally raised by wolves.

He was the youngest of three brothers. His mother, Araceli, had died when he was still young. His father, Melchor, married another woman and went to live in the country, taking Marcos with him and leaving his two elder sons in the care of other relatives.

Mark stayed with his father and his stepmother, who forced him to steal acorns and look after the pigs. Every day Marcos had to suffer ill-treatment at the hands of his step mother and had to endure with her cruelty. They lived in a hut built with sticks
and bushes and engaged in the manufacture of coal.

The economic situation forced his father to sell Marcos to an old shepherd in 1953 to help him tend the flock of goats. The old shepherd was a wild man, who barely exchanged a few words with young Marcos. The food was limited at times and the shepherd had
to hunt rabbit more than often. He removed the skin, split in two and gave half to Marcos to eat it raw.

The old man died a few months later and Marcos was left alone in Sierra Morena.

He lived for a time in a hut, but then moved to a cave where he fed on meat hunted in a very peculiar fashion: he hunted deer and beat his prey to death. He used deerskin for warmth in winter and ate dear flesh.

Sometime during this difficult subsistence, wolves appeared, perhaps attracted by the fact that Marcos hunted animals. They accepted him as one of the herd. When hunting small prey and wolves came howling and gradually began to keep him company all day.

"When I cried, they attacked me and I held their gaping mouths in my hands, when I laughed, they calmed down and I pointed them towards the cave,” recalls Marcos.

To be continued…..