New PCB Chief Selector Iqbal Qasim to decide the final squad for Asia Cup with Misbah-ul-Haq and David What more on March 2nd, 2012

Pakistan Cricket Board has appointed Iqbal Qasim as the chief selector following Muhammad Ilyas’ resignation earlier.

Qasim, a former Chief Selector has accepted the offer and he will be accompanied by the five-man committee including Azhar Khan, Farrukh Zaman and Asif Baloch for the coming term.

Mr. Zaka Ashraf noted after the meeting, “We wanted to make some changes regarding the selection committee and Iqbal Qasim is the new chairman of the selection committee, Pakistan is going to the Asia Cup (in Bangladesh) and I hope the selectors will continue the merit policy”.

Qasim is presently the head of National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) and previously resigned from his job after the team’s terrible performance during the 2009-10 tour in Australia.

The team went through a lot of criticism after being whitewashed on both the Test and the ODI series. Moreover, Shahid Afridi faced a ban for biting the cricket ball.

Qasim voiced after accepting the offer, “During the two-and-a-half month tour (in Australia), we lost every single match we played but I pray that such a situation does not arise again, there’s a short time available for the Asia Cup, our team’s effort will be to select the best possible team. I can assure you that the team will be balanced”.

The future of Mohsin Hassan Khan with the Pakistan Cricket Board is still under question but Zaka Ashraf has clarified, “Mohsin’s future is associated with the PCB”.

David Whatmore will join Iqbal Qasim and Misbah-ul-Haq in a meeting scheduled tomorrow to discuss the final team for the upcoming Asia Cup in March.

Pakistan will face tough challenge during the coming event as it will have to face the mighty India and Sri Lanka whose batting performance at the ongoing series in Australia is a real lesson for the so-called Pakistani talented batsmen searching for their form since a very long time now.

The Writer’s eleven for the coming Asia Cup is below. Please suggest what team would you have picked if given the opportunity.

1-      Ahmed Shahabad [Opener]

2-      Azhar Ali             [Opener]

3-      Asad Shafique

4-      Omer Akmal

5-      Misbah-ul-Haq [Capt]

6-      Shahid Afridi

7-      Adnan Akmal [Wicket Keeper.]

8-      Hammad Azam

9-      Wahab Riaz

10-  Omer Gul

11-  Saeed Ajmal


  1. 1. M. HAFEEZ
    2. I. NAZIR
    3. Y. KHAN
    4. A. SHAZAD
    5. M.HAQ
    6. U. AKMAL
    7. S.AFRIDI
    8. H. AZAM
    9. U. GUL
    10. M.SAMI
    11. S. AJMAL

  2. Hai,

    Pakistan 15 member squad for Asia Cup

    Imran Nazir (Best BPL Performance)
    Ahamed Shazard (Best BPL Performance)
    Nashir Jemshid (Best BPL Performance)
    Mohommed Hafeez
    Younis khan
    Umar Akmal
    Misbahul Huq
    Shahid Afridi
    Kamran akmal (W / K) (Best BPL Performance)
    Umar Gul
    Abdul Razzaq (Best BPL Performance)
    Said Ajmal
    Aizaz Cheema
    Junaid Khan
    Wahab Riaz

    Definitely Pakistan will win Asia cup with this team.Even though they have perfect bowling unit, Batting must be improve.So this is the perfect selection.

    Kind Regards,
    Nazur (Srilanka)

  3. Thanks a lot for your kind words Nazur but Pakistan batting is definitely some thing the team has to work on.. I think India will take the cup but I am positive for Team Pakistan.

  4. Assalam O Alaikum,

    Its time to build team for WC2015.

    Pakistan 15 member squad for Asia Cup
    1.Ahmed Shahzad (BPL Basher)
    2.Imran Nazir (Last chance)
    3.Umer akmal
    4.Misbah ul haq
    5.Asad Shafiq
    6.Hammad Azam (must be utilized as a proper all rounder/ can be floated as an opener)
    7.Shahid Afridi
    8.Umer Gul
    9.Saeed Ajmal
    10.Aizaz Cheema
    11.M. Hafeez
    12.Wahab Riaz
    13.Usman Salahuddin (top performer at 1st class level)
    14.Sarfaraz Ahmed
    15.Raza Hassan (wicket taking option)

    Ehsan Muhammad Khan

  5. 1.hafeez 2.nazir 3.shafiq 4.umar akmal(w.k) 5.malik 6.afridi(c) 7.razzaq 8.azam 9.gul 10.cheema 11.ajmal 12.azhar 13.shehzad 14.sami 15.kamran akmal.i am an indian but like pakistan cricket very much.

  6. imran nazir should bring in pakistan team in playing 11 plz pcb.its my humble request 2 u.plz.

  7. Salam To All
    Pakistan 15 member squad for Asia Cup
    2.Ahmed Shehzad
    3.Asad Shafiq
    4.Azhar Ali
    5.Umar Akmal
    6.Shahid Afridi (c)
    7.Azhar Mehmood
    8.Shoib Malik
    9.Adnan Akmal (Wk)
    10.Saeed Ajmal
    11.Umar Gul
    12.Junaid Khan
    13.Azaz Cheema
    14.Hamad Azam

  8. Afridi..imran nazir..ahmad shahzad..misbah..umar akmal..hamad azam..kamran akmal..umar gul..tanver ahmad..sami..ajmal

  9. MY TEAM:

    1- Ahmed Shehzad
    2- M.Hafeez
    3- Asad Shafique
    4- Azhar Ali
    5- Misbah-ul-Haq [C]
    6- Hammad Azam
    7- Shahid Afridi
    8- Wahab Riaz
    9- Omer Gul
    10- Adnan Akmal [wk]
    11- Saeed Ajmal

  10. My team=
    1.Imran Nazir (opener)
    2.Nasir Jamshed(opener)
    3.Younis Khan
    4.Hammad Azam
    5.Umer Akmal
    6.Misbah ul haq
    7.Shahid Afridi
    8.Abdul razzaq
    9.Saeed Ajmal
    10.Umer gul
    11.Mohammad Sami

  11. My Team:
    1. Imran Nazir(Opener)
    2. Nasir Jamshed(Opener)
    3. Younis Khan
    4. Muhammad Hafeez
    5. Misbah Ul Haq
    6. Umar Akmal
    7. Shahid Afridi
    8.Sarfaraz Ahmed
    9. Saeed Ajmal
    10. Muhammad Sami
    11.Umer Gul

    Bench Backup
    Ahmad Shahzad
    Asad Shafiq
    Hammad Azam
    Aizaz Cheema
    Wahab Riaz

  12. My team ;
    1. M. hafeez
    2. A. Shahzad
    3. Azhar Ali
    4. Misbah
    5. A. Shafiq
    6. Omar Akmal
    7. Shahid afridi
    8. Hemmad Azam
    9. Umer gul
    10. wahab raiz
    11. Ajmal
    I am sure my selection team will be won asia cup as well as world cup 2015

  13. Imran nazir . Mohammad hafiz . Younus khan . Umar akmal . Misbah ul haq . Kamran akmal . Shahid afridi . Umar gul . Azhar mahmood . Saeed ajmal . Mohammad sami . 12th man rana naved ul hasan. T13th -Hammad azam . 14th- Abdur razzak . 15th – Shoib malik

  14. Iqbal qasim ji ap ko khuda ne phir se selector ka job diya hai . Ye team ap select ki jiye. In player me se kuch aise hai jin ho ne apne dum par team ko jitaya hai. Lekin board ki politics se international cricket se door hai. Imran nazir . Mohammad hafiz . Younus khan . Umar akmal . Misbah ul haq . Kamran akmal . Shahid afridi . Umar gul . Azhar mahmood . Saeed ajmal . Mohammad sami . 12th man rana naved ul hasan. T13th -Hammad azam . 14th- Abdur razzak . 15th – Shoib malik

  15. Not a balanced team selected by iqbal qasim.ahmad shahzad and sami should be in the 15 member squad

  16. (1)Nasir Jamseed(opener) (2) Imran Najir( Opener ) (3) Md Hafeez (4)Asad Shafiq (5)Misbah-Ul-Haque(C) (6) Umer Akmal(Wk) (7) Shahid Afridi (8) Hamaad Azam (9) Md Sami (10) Umer Gul (11) Shahid Ajmal (12th-Azhar Ali) (13th-Abdur Razzaq) (14th-Aizaz Cheema) (15th-Awaisis Zia)