Children of Bodom, a Finnish heavy metal band, frontman Alexi Laiho has revealed plans about their upcoming new album this fall. He insisted that the band will be starting writing new music in the coming days.

Laiho broke down Bodom’s plans for 2012 in an interview with After completing their current North American tour with Eluveitie, Revocation and Threat Signal, Bodom will be rocking various summer metal fests in Europe. When the touring
ends, the band will once again enter the studio to record their follow-up to 2011?s ‘Relentless Reckless Forever.’

“It’s time for us to start writing new music,” says Laiho. “I’m really anxious to get to that as soon as possible. This fall we’re gonna start writing new music”, Laiho said while talking to

“I have ideas, but I haven’t done anything about it, ’cause the thing is, I can’t write when I’m touring; it’s not the right kind of environment for me. I know a lot of people do it, but I just can’t. And it’s OK, ’cause I build a lot of ideas in my head,
and my memory sucks, but one thing that I never forget is the riffs; they’re always in my head somehow. So it’s really not a problem”, Laiho concluded.

The band has released full length seven studio albums.