Stop corruption to put Pakistan on the track of progress

Only those nations in the world achieved a respectable place which got rid of corruption from every department. Corruption, which has become a stumbling block in the progress of Pakistan, has established a firm base in every department of the country and
is growing with every passing day.

Redundancy is one of the most important problems in Pakistan and corruption has aggravated this problem to the maximum.

Crooked people in the public sector departments always select those individuals on important positions who are completely incompetent but have enough money to bribe the concerned officials.

Numerous reasons are behind the unemployment in Pakistan but corruption is at the top among them all. In every public sector department, every year numerous incompetent and non-deserving people are being selected by the corrupt officials who make these appointments
after taking heaving amount of money.

It has grown into a common trend that if you do not have enough money to bribe the concerned officials, no matter how brilliant and qualified you are, you will never get what you deserve when it comes to get a job.

General masses have become frustrated with this situation and they are also disappointed with the fact that after completing their education they are not assured of getting a good job on merit. They have to bribe to someone to get a post in a public sector

Pakistan’s government should take rapid measures in this regard to stop corruption in order to bring talented people in departments who will put the country on the track of success.

Nevertheless, the leaders of Pakistan are also corrupt and such people cannot eliminate corruption from the country. In the current leadership, it will not be possible to get rid of corruption in any way whatsoever.

People need to become united in order to fight against this biggest evil of our country which is increasing with an incredible speed. There should be justice and the corrupt people should be penalised for their wrong acts.

The only way that can lead towards elevation is that merit should be promoted in all areas of work which will bring the deserving people to the right positions and the country will start working in the right direction.