A massive solar wind was sent earthward due to magnetic disturbances

According to scientists, some powerful magnetic disturbances in Sol’s corona have thrown a large burst of charge particles into space on March 4, 2012. The solar storm erupted from the sunspot AR 1429 at 11:13 PM and according to reports from NASA, it is
expected to hit Earth on Tuesday night and Wednesday.

Though the exact size of this coronal mass ejection is unknown, it is an X1.1-class eruption which is the strongest one measured by astronomers. A direct hit by such an event will cause cripple satellites, radio blackouts and heat wires all around the world.

Current space forecasts indicate that only the edge of the burst will hit Earth. The Space Weather Prediction Center has stated that the event will spawn a minor radiation storm on Tuesday or Wednesday. More of such storms and coronal mass ejections are
expected over this year, and they are even supposed to increase, as Sol is hitting the end of an 11-year cycle when its magnetic fields become increasingly disruptive.

However, the situation will certainly not become a serious one hopefully. Sentiments like end of the world certainly cross one’s mind upon hearing such news. But, fact is that, the hit won’t be such a major one as most of the particles could be destroyed
once they reach Earth’s stratosphere which will make the collision less intense.