From homeless to millionaire  

Jerry Winkler , 28 years old, was living on the streets when he discovered that he was the only son and heir to a billionaire businessman.

Jerry’s childhood was traumatic. When her mother found a brain tumor, he was sent to live with the man she thought was her father. But his relationship with the new family was very difficult. He ended up in shelters.

Over the next five years was transferred from one house to another. Gradually fell into petty crime and drugs.

It was after a family argument that he learned that the man he thought was his father, was not.

"I had a series of fights with my stepmother and my stepfather and then my stepfather told me it was not my biological father," recalls Jerry, speaking to the BBC. "On one hand I thought ‘now I understand why they were so against mine ‘, but it was as if
I was given another blow " . "First they killed your mom and your dad then says he is not your father," he adds.

Since that time, was put into the task of trying to find his real father. First discovered that his mother had had an affair at work. The tracks him to the company director, Alfred Winkler, a wealthy businessman who had died without heirs.

From overnight. "One of my name is Alfred and never knew why my mother put it, so the data was promising”, tells Jerry.

He then found an article in a newspaper of 2006 on the man who could be her father, so I contacted the journalist who had written it. "We agreed to meet him and I just saw that I looked a lot like the person who had interviewed the time” .

Alfred Winkler had left his fortune to a foundation, whose lawyers, after hearing the story of Jerry, take him seriously.

erry then took a DNA test. The results showed a 99.999% certainty that he was the son of Alfred Winkler. "I’ll never forget that moment. The lawyer called me and told me the result when I began to mourn, I was angry, mad, all at the same time" .


To Jerry, more than money, which was finally moved him to know who his father: "We all want to know where we came from. Though unfortunately my father was already dead, I can compare his story with me and see how alike we are" .


The news transformed his life. "A 180 degree turn … one day I’m sleeping on the streets and few days later I slept in an apartment right in the center of Amsterdam, had money in the bank … I could live again! " .

Under Dutch law, Jerry did not belong to anything that his father had left, "but decided that for moral reasons … should give me a percentage and is, for me, a lot of money" .

"What will I do with it? I will stake everything on the roulette … (laughs) Lie, is a joke! What I did was create a foundation for homeless young people who do not have the means to do something of his life".

A nice house, I got my driver’s license, sometimes I go on vacation … and my fridge is full of food," says Jerry. "Sometimes when I wake up in the morning in my own bed, next My girlfriend and I have to pinch to see if I’m awake. You do not know if it
is real or a fairy tale "he concludes.