Dilemma of students in Pakistan

In every region of the world, students always complete their education in a field of their own interest and establish their professional career in that particular field. Nevertheless, the case is different with the students in Pakistan.

The main objective of students in Pakistan is to select such a course of study which will earn them a good job. This is the ultimate target that forces them to take a subject they even do not like.

Students have to study a course that is “in trend” in Pakistan even if they like something else.

By following this trend, they remain struggling in getting at the top in their profession because they are not interested in it.

These students fail to perform well in their profession because they have selected this field not by their own choice. They are forced to complete their study in that particular field because of its scope in the market.

Getting education just for the sake of good job is by all aspects is a disapproving thing because it is not for getting knowledge of a particular subject of their interest.

Parents force children to study such subjects that have a good scope in the market.

It is not the right choice to find a good job because it confines students to a certain level and they fail to move ahead.

If they select the subject of their own choice, they will more likely to earn a respectable name in that particular field.

A student should follow the subjects of his own interests and if he doesn’t he will always remain struggling in such a field which is against his interest.

Students, who complete their education in the subjects of their interest, establish a respectable position wherever they work.

They put full effort in that specific field and the results always remain favourable.

Nevertheless, it would be quite important for the parents as well that they should not only think that their son or daughter will become a doctor, engineer of IT professional but they have to respect the personal interest of their children as well.